Zhiyuan Biotech realizes full participation in the management&production of cyclodextrin

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Zhiyuan Biotech realizes full participation in the management&production of cyclodextrin

Jul. 15, 2021
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Shandong Binzhou Zhiyuan Biolotechnology is a high-tech pharmaceutical excipient manufacturer specializing in the application, production and innovation of cyclodextrin and its derivatives, key products include hydroxypropyl betadex , betadex sulfobutyl ether sodium and methyl beta cyclodextrin. At the beginning of its establishment, the company has set targets and clarified gaps. Based on the existing cyclodextrin technology, through the development of industry-university-research technology cooperation with Nankai University, Fudan University, Shandong University and other first-class universities, the focus is on the application and development of cyclodextrin derivatives and cyclodextrin inclusion compounds. Among them, the betadex sulfobutyl ether sodium process the pharmaceutical performance development project of optimization and its related preparations was shortlisted for the key R&D project of the Ministry of Science and Technology "Technology Boosts Economy 2020". The company attaches great importance to R&D investment, innovation-driven development, and takes optimizing process and new product development as the starting point to promote technological progress and product upgrades in the industry to improve the quality of domestic cyclodextrin technology and the core competitiveness of the company.

Shandong Binzhou Zhiyuan Biotechnology takes the following measures to achieve full participation in quality management:

1. The production department always keeps in mind that no matter how busy the production is, the safety will not be forgotten, and the quality will not be forgotten regardless of the output. Strictly implement safety standardization management to ensure safe production.

2. The Quality Technology Department always firmly believes that quality is the guarantee of enterprise benefits. Survive by quality, develop by quality, and benefit from quality.

3. The Comprehensive Management Department always enhances service awareness, improves service quality, and does a good job in logistics support.

4. The business department always pays close attention to the domestic and foreign markets, and promptly feeds back customers' demand for quality.

Through the participation of all employees, every employee has a strong sense of work responsibility. The concept of "product quality is related to the life of the company and the quality of medicine is related to the life of people" has penetrated into the hearts of every employee of Zhiyuan Biotech. Participate wholeheartedly in quality management and continuous improvement, so that the quality management of Zhiyuan Biological Company has reached a higher level.

Zhiyuan Biotech will wholeheartedly bring high-quality products and a full set of application solutions to all customers.

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